What’s interesting about what’s going on in Ferguson is that it is the 1-year anniversary and last year I wrote and argued and reasoned against the police using military equipment to quell what was going on in Ferguson. Basically my argument is that, policing is not just about catching bad guys it’s about working with the community and when you militarize police, when you show up in, matching black outfits with, military style boots, Humvees, armored vehicles, grenade launchers, all of those things you’re sending the wrong message, right? You look more like an occupying force than you do a police department and it helps create more distance between the citizens and the police officers and it sends them the wrong message.

So now here we are a year later and some of the citizens are literally acting like enemy combatants and the problem that I have is not with protest in general I have a problem with the protests that are going on in Ferguson because the facts state that the officer was completely justified in shooting Michael Brown. Michael Brown is not a hero, Michael Brown was attacking a police officer when he was shot and killed, and now you have protestors and rioters in Ferguson who are writing and protesting with no legitimacy.